Various Articles Michael Spiller discusses the ‘Mindy Project’ finale and the job of directing producer by Daniel Fienberg

It’s a bit of an unsung position in a way but, I feel like I have a lot of influence over the show and creating the right mood and chemistry on-set, as well as assembling the team that we need to pull this off. - Michael Spiller Costume Designers and Directors, the Ultimate Collaboration by Valli Herman

I would rather have an open conversation from a character standpoint, rather than limit myself to my own narrowly conceived idea or preconception, because that collaboration is where it gets exciting. - Michael Spiller

DGA Quarterly: Family Planning by David Kronke

Michael is very skilled. . .He brings a very strong command of shots and of capturing sequences, particularly complicated setups, like the ‘Halloween’ episode for which he has won so many awards [including the DGA Award]. That was a big, complicated show with a lot of moving parts and he was able to see it clearly. - Steven Levitan

Variety: Helmers Huddle on How to Get Ahead by David Kronke

But with a lot of drive, adaptability, talent and luck, directors can prove to be so invaluable that they’ll land a steady gig on a series of their own. - David Kronke

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